Initially daily but now sporadic blog about anime and world animation with a specific focus on the artists behind the work. Written by Ben Ettinger.
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Archives for: July 2010, 30

Friday, July 30, 2010

08:46:11 am , 169 words, 3522 views     Categories: Animation

Lei Lei @ TED

Chinese indie animation powerhouse Lei Lei (AKA Ray) has been busy the last few years since he made The Face, as witness the various videos he's uploaded on his Vimeo account.

One of those is a brief TED talk he gave in Shanghai a few months back. An inspiring statement of firm sense of purpose from one of China's most prominent and creative indie animators at the moment. Looking forward to seeing more strong voices like his emerging from the country, something with a perspective neither western nor anime-influenced, but personal and informed of the history of a different culture with a different baggage of history and outlook.

The animator as a one-man studio, animation as a form of personal expression to sort out ideas that float around in your head, not as a product, inspired by travels around the world and meeting people, sharing the experience of living life, and the vitality to modestly limit oneself to "at most 3 films a year". Brief statements of purpose worth sharing.