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June 2007
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Archives for: June 2007, 27

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

05:41:30 pm , 284 words, 3422 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil #7

This ep felt like one of the more lighthearted and comical ones. I think there were a few factors behind this. For one, this is the first episode not wholly written by Mitsuo Iso. It was co-written by Yuko Miyamura, the writer of the novel version. Perhaps this is the reason the characters felt a little different. Also, animation director Kazutaka Ozaki (his first AD in the series, though he's been in previous eps) brought a nice light & lighthearted touch to the drawings. Not a lot of nuance, and even felt like a slightly more of a conventional approach than usual, but still one of the most interesting ADs so far after Honda and Ito. Again, Shinsaku Sasaki of ep 4 was the storyboarder, and his work is very solid and creates an excellent flow, although the processing wasn't by him and felt a little lacking. The animation hilight was easy - what I presume to be Ghibli pillar Katsuya Kondo's climactic bit with Isako saving Kyoko. The movement was very weighty and measured, very different from the comic jumpy drawings of the rest of the episode, and more in keeping with the feature-styled feeling of the animation of the first few eps.

I liked the humor of this episode, though it felt a little more forced than usual. But what I really liked was that the dramatic climax came from an action in the real world and not in the denno world. Saving Kyoko in the real world had much more importance than any hunt for meta bugs could, and that goes against everything that's been built up in the series so far. I'm glad they had the courage to take that step.