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March 2007
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Archives for: March 2007, 22

Thursday, March 22, 2007

05:00:07 pm , 93 words, 1371 views     Categories: Animation, Misc, Denno Coil, TV

May 12: Denno Coil day

Reports of the promo bode well. More importantly, the date was just announced for the start of the broadcast: May 12.

In other news, Norio Matsumoto was in Angelique 11 for some reason. Koji Yamamura's Country Doctor is reportedly going to be distributed in theaters in Japan by a big distributor, Shochiku, a first for his films. The film sounds quite intriguing. Yamamura expressed the inner turmoil of the characters by bending and twisting their forms. Not that his films are ever anything short of thrilling as animation, but the animation here sounds particularly exciting.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

01:27:05 am , 123 words, 1313 views     Categories: Animation, Misc, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil @ TAF 2007

Apparently a promo video for Denno Coil containing clips from the series will be shown starting today at the Tokyo International Anime Fair 2007. I'm in half a mind about whether I want to see anything before the actual broadcast... I'd prefer not to. I'd like to keep it all a surprise. The producer of the opening/ending theme, which is sung by Ayako Ikeda, recently commented on his blog that he got to watch the first six episodes on the occasion, and he felt it "surpassed Ghibli in a way".

On a similar note, Keiichi Hara's new film Summer with Coo the Kappa was screened at Ghibli, and Isao Takahata was reportedly pleased with the film and hoped it would become a hit.