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November 2006
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Archives for: November 2006, 14

Tuesday, November 14, 2006

08:35:27 am , 244 words, 2195 views     Categories: Animation, Animator

Choi Eunyoung

I have a correction to make to the last post regarding the Korean-born animator Choi Eunyoung, which actually by coincidence ties in to my earlier post about women animators. Today I was embarrassed to realize that Choi Eunyoung is in fact a woman. Shows how much I know. So in Kemonozume we're clearly witness to another woman animator with a strong personal style in the process of emerging. Mihara Michio revealed a few facts about her (as well as some drawings) that help to explain a little where she comes from. She was born in Korea, where she studied sculpture before travelling to the UK to study animation and then finally arriving by a long detour in Japan, where, in her first year as a professional animator, she immediately set to work as a key animator without first going through the intermediate step of inbetweening. In that first year this is the work she's done. Quite impressive. It also seems indicative of a huge gap between the sort of training animators receive overseas versus in Japan. She clearly has a strong grounding in the arts, in life drawing and so on, something most Japanese animators obviously lack, judging from the final product. I hope she gets a chance to continue to do personally-styled work like this, though I doubt she's going to run into many projects after Kemonozume that are going to allow her to draw a section as freely as she did here.