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Archives for: August 2006, 10

Thursday, August 10, 2006

09:49:04 am , 166 words, 1225 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil, TV

Denno Coil site update


The site for Iso Mitsuo's Denno Coil ( has been updated with a new visual and some info on the basic setup. The date is 202X. Sixth grader Yasako Okonogi(?) moves to the idyllic town of Daikoku with her parents and sister, but in the shadow of the venerable town's old temples and shrines, Daikoku is also home to a special administrative district equipped with cutting edge computer facilities... The project is finally confirmed to be a TV series, as I suspected. The picture is again labelled in a way that suggests it dates from April 30, 2000, which if true would underline that the project has been in the works for many years now. The novel version, written by Yuko Miyamura, is to be published this fall. They still mention that they are recruiting staff, but in fact they are now only recruiting seisaku shinko or animation runners. If only I were in Japan...

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