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March 2006
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Archives for: March 2006, 22

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

11:07:48 am , 366 words, 2307 views     Categories: Animation, Kemonozume

New TV series by Masaaki Yuasa

This year is shaping up to be the year of Madhouse. As if it weren't enough that they already had on the lineup for 2006 a new film by Mamoru Hosoda, a new film by Satoshi Kon, and a recently announced TV series by Mitsuo Iso, today Madhouse announced that Masaaki Yuasa is producing a TV series there called Kemonozume. Now, this either means Claw of the Beast or Canned Beast. Hard to tell because it's in katakana. It would be very Yuasa-like if it was spelled the way it was in an intentional pun on those two meanings. Either way, the series will also be created by Yuasa, and will air this summer on WOWOW. Madhouse apparently entered into a contract with this cable station at the end of last year, and Yuasa's series will be followed by one by Tatsuo Sato and presumably more afterwards. Perhaps Denno Coil is next on the lineup.

Although I've never been a big fan, I have to hand it to Madhouse this time. They've managed to corral three of my absolute favorite currently active creators in anime into heading their own projects, all in the same year, all of them 'firsts' of one kind or another for each director. I'd like to know who on earth was responsible. Masao Maruyama? Either way, my hat is off and my head is scraping the ground. Again, I guess my only concern is that they might pull a muscle doing so many wonderful things all at once. Seems like they're overextending themselves. (They have about ten other shows in the works.) I hear Mitsuo Iso is handling the Photoshopping and Aftereffects for his series all by himself. But I'll be optimistic and instead take this to mean that the studio is allowing each person to do his work in the manner best suited to his respective style. Because in Iso's case it doesn't come as a surprise that he would choose to do such a thing, since he's been working towards precisely that sort of approach for several years now. In any case, I don't see how they could go wrong at this point. They've got what you might call 'critical mass'.