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February 2006
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Archives for: February 2006, 16

Thursday, February 16, 2006

09:36:47 pm , 186 words, 1501 views     Categories: Animation, Denno Coil

Denno Coil 電脳コイル


Mitsuo Iso, one of the most talented and influential Japanese animators of the 1990s, is going to be a director. The first piece of information to be made public about the top-secret project that has kept him occupied for the last three or four years has just been posted on the newly-created official site. More will follow with time on the site and in Animage. The novel on which the anime is to be based will be published shortly by Tokuma Shoten, which hosts the site. Iso is credited as creator, writer and director, and it's to be produced at Madhouse. The illustration by Iso gives the first glimpse into what we can expect of the project visually. Unusually, the page makes a public call for applications from experienced animators and directors to join the production staff. I've never seen such a thing for a big studio project before. Presumaly the project is to be a TV series, since they're calling for enshutsu, which usually means episode directors. The title translates literally to "Electric Brain Coil", denno or 'electric brain' being the antiquated term for computer.