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January 2006
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Archives for: January 2006, 20

Friday, January 20, 2006

07:35:37 am , 358 words, 943 views     Categories: Animation


I haven't had time to do much here lately, but I'm thinking I'll get back to posting regularly again starting sometime next week. In the meantime I thought I'd mention that I've put up a BBS so that people can discuss whatever they might want to discuss without having to worry about whether it fits within the scope of my latest post.

Haven't had time to watch much lately either, but I hear Satoru Utsunomiya is going to be doing a bit more Noein... great news. I think the DVD containing episode 19 of Aquarion is coming out soon, so it will be interesting to see if/how/what parts of the episode he corrected, as he has stated that he was working on correcting the episode for the DVD release. At the same time I've heard contradictory claims that Kawamori has refused to make any corrections. We'll see. I think people can sometimes take for granted that their voices aren't being heard when they post on the internet, but you'd be surprised who reads what. Never take anything for granted. I get the impression that industry people tend to listen to all comments. Higuchi Masakazu, who currently works as a mangaka and recently completed a strict manga adaptation of the Bible, at one time worked on the long-running Nihon Mukashibanashi (Classic Tales of Old Japan). As he recently related on his blog, the show was originally only aired for three months and would have disappeared completely had it not been for voices calling for its continuation, which is what led to its incredible life span, running as it did for more than twenty years. The production side of Aquarion may not have even wanted to correct the episode, I don't know, but Utsunomiya has never been one to ignore fans, and he wanted to because it bothered him personally. I think it's going a little far for him to feel he has to even correct his recent work on Noein for the DVD release, which apparently he says he wants to do, but it certainly shows his dedication to perfecting every single little piece of work he does.

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