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October 2005
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Archives for: October 2005, 30

Sunday, October 30, 2005

12:12:21 pm , 215 words, 3924 views     Categories: Animation, Indie

Ivan Maximov

I've been really digging the films of Ivan Maximov lately. His illustrations are great, too.

The quartet of Shuichi Kaneko, Yasushi Muraki, Hideki Kakita and Soichiro Matsuda did some great mecha work in Eureka 7 28. It was particularly nice to see some more work from Kakita, who did the memorable explosion in the second op. (Takashi Hashimoto did the roof explosions) His approach to form is unmistakable once you've seen it a few times.

I rather enjoyed Mushishi 1, and not just for Yoshihiko Umakoshi's unusually low-key but unmistakably nuanced and full animation. I'd heard about Hiroshi Nagahama before, but never could be bothered to look at the shows he did, but the directing here was quite impressive. Next year we'll get to see the story Otomofied.

There was some work in Noein 3 that reminded me of some of the better stuff I've seen so far. And overall again the quality was quite nice. Apart from Kishida, the only person I see who did KA in the op, 1 and 3 was Akira Takada, so I've got my eye on him. Fumio Matsumoto was also there, and he was at the top in 1, though I'm not familiar with his work. Seeing this ep reminded me that Jun Okuda was AD on a lot of the non-Ohira/Hashimoto Hakkenden eps.