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Archives for: May 2005, 22

Sunday, May 22, 2005

08:46:29 pm , 300 words, 1605 views     Categories: Animation

Recent solos

Toshiyuki Inoue talks about how in the 80s the average time for someone to animate a half-episode was a month, which gets me to wondering how long it took Hisashi Mori on Samurai Seven 7. It looks like Mori is back in the animator's seat in the upcoming Speed Grapher 8. If he's in for another half-ep, then it'd be interesting, because he'd be the only animator I know of doing half-eps on a regular basis like in the old days, and definitely the only one doing that much volume combined with quality on TV right now, aside from Norio Matsumoto. I only wonder that because it looks like he hasn't done any other animating since Samurai Seven 7, where he animated the first half and Hiroyuki Okuno handled the directing and animation of the second half (adding a few corrections to the first half here and there, thankfully sparingly - ie, closeups of the main characters), so it would make sense.

A person I'm not familiar with, Tetsuya Takeuchi, supposedly just did a whole ep, next week's Honey & Clover (7), that show that had the unusual Svankmajer-inspired opening by designer Nagi Noda.

And finally, the animator that Masaaki Yuasa mentions as being someone he thought was really good at Asia-do, Masaya Fujimori, animated the entire opening of the studio's Zettai Shonen series that started yesterday, and it's quite a nice op. He's obviously got incredible drafting skills. The colors were nice, also. Just be sure to turn the sound off.

In the 80s it was pretty common to see solo eps like this, and I doubt the quality was very high most of the time, as it was probably more of a lack of schedule/resources thing than necessarily being a way of spotlighting a talented animator the way it seems today.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

04:25:28 pm , 28 words, 647 views     Categories: Misc

Rainy day photos

It's raining and gray today, so I - what else? - went out and took photographs of the rain, since it's such a rare occurrence here in Vancouver.