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Thursday, May 5, 2005

08:08:45 am , 211 words, 1996 views     Categories: Animation

Naruto 133

Norio Matsumoto is god. Seriously. To think that most of the action in Naruto 133 was seemingly drawn mostly by him... This episode may have surpassed the other two in terms of sheer volume of brilliant action by Matsumoto, and it was spread around much more evenly than previously, so the entire 23 minutes are filled practically tip to toe with the stuff. Magnificent work. I hope this converts many people to Matsumoto worshippers.

Matsumoto's been known for drawing entire episodes near-singlehandedly before this, but never has he done it with such gusto as here, and never non-stop action! He's really outdone himself here. It's like there's nobody out there with a project big enough for him, so he has to go make mini-movies entirely on his own in TV shows like this. If his work on Beck seemed a little restrained (though he still managed to do animation on about three episodes and animate an entire half-episode), it's because he was just helping out Osamu Kobayashi as a favor - in reality he was busy working on this little confection.

Watching the episode I couldn't help but guffaw through much of it out of sheer amazement. And it leaves you reeling for a while afterwards. This is what animation is all about.