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Tuesday, April 5, 2005

07:16:22 pm , 273 words, 2462 views     Categories: Animation

Tadashi Hiramatsu's making a movie

It looks like Tadashi Hiramatsu has made the transition from animator to director more quickly than expected. 8 years after his debut as character designer on an anime version of a shoujo manga, he'll be mounting his feature directing debut with another shoujo anime: Ghost Rhapsody. I've been curious to know what he would do with a bigger project from the scattered episodes he's directed here and there, which showed him to have a definite talent for directing, particularly for cooking up convincing drama that has a real feeling of tension. The episodes in Here and now, then and there that always impressed me as the best I later realized were the ones done by Hiramatsu. With his ep of Genius Party to boot, this year looks like it'll be a good year for discovering a new side of Tadashi Hiramatsu.

In addition to the ten members of Genius Party who were known, two names added in at the bottom of the poster displayed at the TAF appear also to be involved in some fashion. One is the satire manga artist Yoji Fukuyama, who was perhaps not coincidentally mentioned by Tadashi Hiramatsu in that interview. Coincidentally, I just received a book of his manga yesterday. His work has a line that's curiously reminiscent of Otomo. He's a fine caricaturist, and I can understand what Hiramatsu meant about his work providing helpful clues about how to get closer to reality in anime. The book juxtaposes his political/social satiric one-pagers with a story manga featuring a character who curiously manages to look like a quintessential Japanese salaryman and Woody Allen all at the same time.