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January 2005
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Archives for: January 2005, 28

Friday, January 28, 2005

10:06:58 pm , 419 words, 6730 views     Categories: Animation

Recent sightings

Shinya Ohira did some nice work in Ghibli's latest film, as did Shinji Otsuka. G being G, Ohira's bit was corrected, but still unmistakable. Ohira is reportedly in full force in the recent Windy Tales 10, and, a bit more surprisingly, in the Tennis no Oji movie that opens this weekend. I wonder how many GITS SAC fans will be mobbing the theaters for this one. Maybe Ohira fans. It's surprising how prolific Ohira seems, considering the nature and quality of what he does. A real inspiration.

Sam Cham started again at 18, and it's one of the best episodes in the series. It's the same Sato Dai writer-Sayo Yamamoto director team that did an earlier ep. I'm loath to even mention it here because the show is so hip it's painful, but the quality is there in this case, which ironically is probably because they had extra time due to the temporary cancellation. Nice balance between still and motion throughout, with a few good bits courtesy Nobutake Ito. Anyone who could allow that Yuasa bit in without the slightest correction can't be all bad.

I haven't seen anything from Mitsuo Iso since Kill Bill, which hopefully means he's working on something big. I recently saw his bit in Voogie's Angel 3, and it ranks as one of his best. Watching it gave me goosebumps, which hasn't happened in a while. It got me to pondering the question of why there's nothing else out there that's remotely comparable to Iso's work, which seems different at a fundamental level. Where did Iso get the idea to do animation like this? And why doesn't anybody else? After rewinding and watching Iso's bit about ten times, I came away awed and feeling the same thing I always feel after seeing an Ohira bit - amazement at how boring everything else seems in comparison. This is the sort of animation I want to see.

Shogo Furuya was at it again in Tweeny Witches 33. I personally derive considerable pleasure from the fact that his episodes look so different from the rest of the series, but this understandably causes consternation among some viewers who are accustomed to their anime looking the same week after week after week after week. I laud the production stance that allows a person with as sure a vision as him to wield complete control over his work. And I say that even though I'm not completely convinced by his directing. What is satisfying is that we can see the person behind the creation.