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October 2004
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Archives for: October 2004, 25

Monday, October 25, 2004

04:20:16 pm , 251 words, 3147 views     Categories: Animation

Digital Stadium

Kosuke Kawase: Long Autumn Sweet ThingShingo Abe: Tokyo StationMaya Asakura: Tarachine6nin: Chalkdust
Yusuke Shigeta: ScienceUshio Tazawa: Life no ColorAtsuko Ishizuka: GravitationNorihito Iki: A Ghost Story

NHK, Japan's PBS, has been showcasing digital shorts by young artists on a show called Digital Stadium since 2000. Several of the creators I talked about recently -- Atsuko Ishizuka, Ushio Tazawa -- in fact first appeared on the scene via this program. For each week's show, a "curator" is appointed to come up with a theme for the show that will be used as the selection criterion for recently submitted films. Koji Morimoto has been a regular curator, and Isao Takahata and Satoshi Kon have curated recently. The curator selects his films, the films are aired, and afterwards curator and guests bring their experience and wisdom to bear in discussing each film's merits, finally electing one of the entries to the "hall of fame". At the end of the year they then vote on a year's best in various categories from among the films that were elected to the hall of fame; last year Ushio Tazawa won the grand prize for Life no Color. Every one of the films that was elected to the hall of fame can be viewed online in whole or in part. Further, the Digital Art Festival Tokyo that was held a few months ago (where Masaaki Yuasa and Koji Morimoto presented a talk about Mind Game) held a contest called the DigiSta DAF Selection, where they allowed people to vote for their ten favorite films shown so far that year on Digital Stadium that didn't make the hall of fame; those films are also available for viewing online.