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October 2004
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Archives for: October 2004, 16

Saturday, October 16, 2004

04:29:29 pm , 258 words, 2482 views     Categories: Mind Game

Mind Game DVD

I was expecting to have to wait until next year, but it appears that we'll all be receiving a nice Christmas present this year. The release date for the Mind Game DVD has been set for December 22. I was skeptical as to how much would be included as an extra on the DVD due to the small number of people who voted on the survey, but all fears were unnecessary. Studio 4°C will be including most of the important items that were on the survey, which is much more than anyone was expecting. And the good news is, English subs are in.

The DVD will be released in three editions: the normal edition, a first-pressing edition, and a pre-order only edition. Here is a breakdown of the contents.


- Japanese language/English subs
- Cover drawing by Masaaki Yuasa

DVD Extra Features:

- Film completion reception event
- Pre-screening talks
- Director's commentary
- Interviews
(and maybe more)

Included Extras:

Postcards illustrated by Koji Morimoto, Tatsuyuki Tanaka, et al.


Everything on the normal edition plus:

Special Features Disc:

- Animatic (not sure what this is)
- Art gallery
- Interviews

Additional Included Extras:

- Storyboard book

"PERFECT" PRE-ORDER ONLY EDITION - 4 DVDs + 1 CD + manga, ¥22,320

They'll only be making as many of these are people pre-order. Everything on the first-pressing edition plus:

Additional Included Extras:

- Image boards by Masaaki Yuasa
- Original soundtrack CD
- Mind Game manga by Robin Nishi
- Mind Game Remix DVD
- Co-Mix DVD

Saturday, October 16, 2004

01:29:43 pm , 207 words, 877 views     Categories: Animation

Two new eps

Episode 2 of Beck was again done by Osamu Kobayashi himself. Will he be doing every episode? Even if it is based on a manga, it would be unprecedented for one person to write/direct/storyboard every episode of an anime TV series. Gainax animator Yusuke Yoshigaki, who was in the op, contributed a nice FLCLish sequence. What's good about this series is that the work of an individualistic animator like Yoshigaki can go in seemingly unmodified even though it's way different from the rest.

Episode 21 of Tweeny Witches was done by Shogo Furuya, who was the director (enshutsu, not kantoku) of Tokyo Godfathers, one of the animation directors of Millennium Actress, animator in Spirited Away, etc. It was extremely well done, with a movielike atmosphere, lots of effective framing with extreme perspective, really nice drawings just slightly more realistic than usual for this series, and movement incorporating Ohira-like drift 'n wobble. The characters felt a lot more three-dimensional than usual, and bodies were drawn with subtle touches that gave a more realistic impression. Walking and running were especially good. He did episodes 10 and 13, but he wasn't the AD on those, as he was on this one, so they're not as unified and honed as this one is.