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Archives for: September 2004, 08

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

10:36:39 pm , 457 words, 1461 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game tidbits

This Friday's final showing of Mind Game at Cine Quinto in Shibuya will be preceded by a talk with Masaaki Yuasa, Eiko Tanaka and -- the big surprise -- Gisaburo Sugii! Yes, the visionary genius of the early anime period responsible for such anime masterpieces as Belladonna and Goku's Big Adventure, is coming to bat for Mind Game.

Tatsuo Sato has provided an essay for the latest issue of Madhouse's Association for the Promotion of Mind Game, in which he memoraby compares the experience of seeing this film to witnessing an olympic runner going all out in a final spurt to the finish line in his best form and best time.

Finally, the small Baus Theater in Kichijoji is apparently planning to show Mind Game as a late-night feature once the theatrical run is over.

A recent anime I'm curious to see is Wonder Bevil, a "mini-series" (7 mins/ep) produced by Radix for NHK's Tensai Bit-kun TV show. It's directed by Akihiro Omori 大森貴弘, co-director/layout person in Haibane Renmei, with character design by Takahiro Kishida 岸田隆宏, character designer of Lain and Arjuna and character designer/animation director of Spring and Chaos. Looks like fun. I like Kishida's simple design style. He stands out as one of the few people doing interesting CD in anime today. Prior to focusing on CD he was an animator in a lot of major anime like the Patlabor films, Gunbuster, Macross Plus.

A note of the Kill Bill animators:

Yasunori Miyazawa 宮沢康紀
Mitsuo Iso 磯光雄
Takahashi Hideki 高橋英樹
Eiji Ishimoto 石本英治
Takaaki Yamashita 山下高明
Sushio すしお
Mahiro Maeda 前田真宏
Keiichi Sasajima 笹島啓一
Naoyuki Onda 恩田尚之
Shinya Ohira 大平晋也

While I'm at it, a note of the animators in the climax of Innocence, which is the primary attraction of the film for folks such as myself. Hiroyuki Okiura was the AD of the climax on the plant boat and the early scene in the boat house. Besides the amazing lineup, interesting is that the climax brings together Okiura and Ohira, two animators whom one would normally never associate with one another; Okiura with his meticulously drawn, rigorously realistic drawings and Ohira with his rough, expressionistic realism. Okiura's challenge was preserving Ohira's special flowing style and line. Okiura's part apparently goes even further in the realism than Jin-Roh, which seems almost unimaginable. If you want to know who the top animators are today in Japan, just look at this scene. They're pretty much all there.

Shinya Ohira 大平晋也 ⇒ Bateau breaking into the ship
Ei Inoue 井上鋭 & Masashi Ando 安藤雅司 ⇒ on the leisure boat
Toshiyuki Inoue 井上俊之 ⇒ gainoids being born
Takeshi Honda 本田雄 ⇒ guards being killed by gainoids
Nobutake Ito 伊東伸高 ⇒ next
Shinji Hashimoto 橋本晋治 ⇒ gainoids falling from sky
Koichi Arai 新井浩一 ⇒ next
Satoru Utsunomiya うつのみや理 ⇒ gainoids on catwalk
Tetsuya Nishio 西尾鉄也 ⇒ computer terminal coming out
Kyoji Asano 浅野恭司 ⇒ next
Hiroyuki Okiura 沖浦啓之 ⇒ final scene in lab