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September 2004
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Archives for: September 2004, 05

Sunday, September 5, 2004

07:52:17 pm , 183 words, 1270 views     Categories: Animation, Misc

Random anime notes

Windy Tales starts next week. I hear there have been a number of "solo animator" episodes in the series Ninin ga Shinobu Den. Or rather, half-episodes. Namely:

1B - Jun Shibata 柴田淳
3A - Kei Sakai 酒井KEI
8A - Yumi Sudo 須藤祐実
9? - Atsushi Itagaki 板垣敦

But who cares? It's moe anime.

Koji Yamamura's Mt Head won the Grand Prix at Hiroshima a week ago. Crossing my fingers they show it at the VIFF.

I also noticed Nobuyoshi Sasakado 佐々門信芳 did a lot of solo flying in some 90s anime, though I wasn't impressed with what I saw.

Nobutake Ito 伊東伸高 in Champloo 14 (AD+KA). Very Nabeshin episode. Surprised to hear the Amami folk music. Could listen to that stuff for hours. A few nice spots of animation, like Jin killing Mukuro - probably Ito.

Nagai Go's Kotetsu Jeeg is coming out on DVD. Whoopee. So is Pyun Pyun Maru. Curious about that one. Sounds like a Toei version of Goku.

Some of the animators in the upcoming Naruto movie:
Tatsuya Sotomaru 外丸達也
Mamoru Sasaki 佐々木守
Takashi Hashimoto 橋本敬史
Kazuyoshi Yaginuma 柳沼和良
Hirobumi Suzuki 鈴木博文
Tokuyuki Matsutake 松竹徳幸
Takeshi Honda 本田雄
Tetsuya Nishio 西尾鉄也 (of course)

Sunday, September 5, 2004

06:42:25 pm , 69 words, 877 views     Categories: Misc

OOB (out-of-boredom) experience

Last night I dreamt I was strolling along a beach where a team of fishermen were reeling in a gigantic kraken, but they wouldn't let me into the special corridor that led to the observation area. So today I went to the beach to check to see if it was one of them "pre-monetary" dreams, and what do you know, it was! Just in a metaphoric sort of way.