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July 2004
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Archives for: July 2004, 23

Friday, July 23, 2004

07:30:06 pm , 198 words, 1032 views     Categories: Animation

Samurai Champloo #9

I was practically hyperventilating from laughter and amazement and sheer unmitigated YYYYEEESSSSSS!!!!! for about about ten minutes after watching a short 30-second sequence in Samurai Champloo #9.

No, I wasn't on anything. Though all the characters in the episode were.

Masaaki Yuasa animated a sequence in Champloo!

Everyone who can't wait to see Mind Game, RUN, DON'T WALK, and watch Samurai Champloo episode 9 right now.

This is a mere foretaste of the great revelation to come.

And to top off the bliss, Hiroyuki Imaishi did the storyboard for this episode.

No hestitation the single best animated sequence I've seen in any anime in years. God bless you, Masaaki Yuasa.

Apart from that, generally speaking it was a very well animated and funny and fun episode. There was so much going on all the time with the drawings, little amusing touches everywhere, with nice quirky movements all over the place. (Pay attention to the drawings where Mugen is running through the forest.) Great stuff. And why? The animation director of this episode, Nobutake Ito (joined by Kazuto Nakazawa) is one of the main animators in Mind Game. (He was also an animator in the Digimon movie I talked about earlier.)