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July 2004
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Archives for: July 2004, 19

Monday, July 19, 2004

07:33:34 pm , 143 words, 1439 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game News Delivery Service Vol. 1

Mind Game Official SiteIt's the email newsletter you can sign up for from the official site. Here's a transcription of the hilights for the Japanese-illiterate.

Motion Image Psychedelia, a rotating Mind Game exhibition

An exhibit of key animation, inbetweens and sketches together with a making-of video are going to be viewable at Logos Gallery in Shibuya from August 8-16. The exhibit will then be travelling to "digmeout CAFE" in Osaka from August 19-29.

Seiichi Yamamoto & Fushigi Robot Concert

The band responsible for the music in Mind Game will be playing live in concert on August 13 in Shibuya to memorialize the release of the soundtrack CD.

More Mind Game Media Coverage

Yuasa interview in August MAC POWER; 8p special feature in August SWITCH; Yuasa interview in August CUT; Yuasa/Watanabe/Morimoto interview in July NEWTYPE.

Official Site Update

Staff comment section added to Special Contents area.