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June 2004
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Archives for: June 2004, 15

Tuesday, June 15, 2004

02:00:47 pm , 255 words, 2697 views     Categories: Animation, Mind Game

Mind Game review list

Read a great piece yesterday in the latest issue of Kyoto Journal by William R. Stimson talking about Durians. My curiosity is piqued. I've seen them around, too (we're blessed in Vancouver with tons of Asian markets of all stripes). I wonder if they're in season? In the meantime I bought some strawberries yesterday that are absolutely scrumptuous. Why is it that whenever I try to peel a mango, I wind up getting more of it on my hands than in the bowl? Is there some trick to it that I don't know?

Onto today's topic.

Mind Game Official SiteI thought I'd throw together a list of sites mentioning Masaaki Yuasa's upcoming film Mind Game. Apologies to readers who cannot read Japanese, because most of them are currently Japanese sites. The film has only been seen in test screenings in Japan. What's incredible is how everyone who went to those test screenings, without exception, praises it higher than heaven -- the new 金字塔 (benchmark) for animated films, the best film I've ever seen, etc. I'll probably continue to add to the list for a while as the trickle of reviews changes to a torrent once the movie finally hits our shores, probably early next year.