Initially daily but now sporadic blog about anime and world animation with a specific focus on the artists behind the work. Written by Ben Ettinger.
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Sunday, October 5, 2014

03:31:00 pm , 230 words, 10615 views     Categories: Misc

10 years of Anipages

This is a little late, but this past June 9 marked the blog's 10 year anniversary. I never thought I'd continue writing it for this long. I fully expected to stop after a few months when I started writing out of boredom in summer of 2004. The community support is what kept me going for this long. So I'll take this opportunity to thank all the commenters who have voiced in with always welcome insights. 10 years is a long time and many of you have come and gone, but I hope things are well wherever you are in life now. Thanks also to everyone in the forum for making it a good place for nitty-gritty animation discussion. Last but not least, thanks to all the readers for reading my meandering writings about random obscure/ancient subjects all these years. I hope it's been of some interest.

Looking over the first month's posts I'm reminded that initially this was really just a place for me to scribble down unorganized thoughts about anime and whatever else was on my mind. Over the years the post volume dropped considerably, with a few long silences, but I've moved towards focusing on properly written posts on a specific topic in the hope of improving the quality. I don't know how long I can keep it up, but I'll probably try to continue to write as long as I can.



orchidal [Visitor]

Congratulations; keep digging deep and keep them posts coming. Cheers!

10/05/14 @ 19:07
shergal [Visitor]

Congrats on keeping it up for so long Ben. I did enjoy the more scattershot posts that covered more than one subject, but the more organized format doesn’t hurt anyone either.

10/05/14 @ 20:50
caustic [Member]

After stumbling upon your blog last year, I’ve been glad that you have persevered with your blogging. Your analyses and posts have taught me so much about Japanese animation, and your forum is *the* place for animation enthusiasts.

I thank you for opening this site and keeping it running. It means a whole lot to a bunch of folks.

10/06/14 @ 02:42
Raytrace [Visitor]

Great stuff man - although there are the long gaps I am always amazed by how much intricate detail and knowledge is put into each of your posts.

Keep up the good work.

10/06/14 @ 03:16
inico [Visitor]

I have discover your marvellous pages merely 6 months ago, and it is nothing but a mine of informations filled with very interesting texts which are all of my delights.
Your “meandering writings about random obscure/ancient subject” are maybe among the ones I love the most. Even if your articles on each episode of a TV serie like you did recently for Space Dandy and Pin-Pong are always interesting and usefull.

Anyway, happy birthday to the blog. 10 years is a good number to start with.

10/06/14 @ 03:47
ialda [Member]

Congratulations ! It has been a constant pleasure reading your blog these past ten years. Some of your posts (I’m thinking the A pro / Shin’ei, for example) cover as much ground as one would dream to do in a whole life.

btw, do you plan to bring back the WMT encyclopedia one of these days ? Its absence is dearly missed :)

10/06/14 @ 04:23
Bahi JD
Bahi JD [Visitor]

Congratulations Ben! Time flies!
Anipages has always been a great source of discovery for animation enthusiasts and students, it’s both interesting and educative.
Keep it up with the blog!

10/06/14 @ 06:03
martin [Visitor]

Congrats Ben. this blog is something special, and its the only place whee i can get my “fix". and if i could spotlight one of your phrases- “nitty-gritty animation discussion", i like that you use the word animation instead of anime.
i hope you keep it up and keep dropping well written comprehensive posts on japanese animation. someone’s gotta do it.
thanks for sticking around this long.

10/06/14 @ 06:05
neshru [Visitor]

Thank YOU for writing this blog, Ben. Your incredibly deep knowledge and your detailed, professional writing make this an invaluable resource for fans of Japanese animation.

10/06/14 @ 06:47
Ccs [Visitor]

It’s very much appreciated, Ben. As an animator and fan of animation history it’s great to see hidden gems from Japan that would never be covered by an English-language book. Gives me lots of ideas about where to take my art and how others have solved artistic problems.

10/06/14 @ 07:49
Aaron Long
Aaron Long [Visitor]

Congratulations Ben! Your blog will always be one of the best animation-related websites. I can’t thank you enough for all the work you’ve put into this blog - I can’t count how many amazing OVAs or movies I’ve discovered through your writing, and the industry and historical knowledge you share on the site is a fantastic resource for everyone, particularly those of us who can’t read/speak Japanese.

I hope you keep doing it for a long time. I’ll be reading.

10/07/14 @ 00:36
Viyaliy Shushko
Viyaliy Shushko [Visitor]

Congratulations! This blog is treasure chest of priseless information for me. I follow your posts since 2006! Thank you !!!

10/07/14 @ 09:57
Ben [Member]  

Thank you so much, everyone. Gambarimasu! It’s great to see a mix of new and longtime readers.

ialda - I didn’t think anyone still remembered that! It shows how long you’ve been around that you remember the WMTdb. I will try to see if there is some way I can resurrect it, although it sounds like doing so would require a lot of effort to implement and update the incomplete/incorrect info. I can’t make any promises, but knowing someone is interested in seeing it revived certainly gives me some motivation to give it a shot.

10/08/14 @ 11:49
Susanna [Visitor]

Thank you for everything, I learned so much reading your blog, it really helped me in clarifying my view on animation while I was studying it and everything was confused.
You have extremely good taste, and your writing is so deep and articulated it’s always a pleasure to read.
I can only hope you will keep it going for as long as it may be…

10/08/14 @ 12:23
drmecha [Visitor]

Congratulations for the 10th anniversary Ben !!!!
Believe it or not, I am a old follower of the site (although I write very little) since 2004 (or 2003? or before???!!! I have strang memories from 2003!), when a fellow in the animation career (2001-2003) had told me about that you write info about the old years from Toei Animation .
In those years we were like crazy with the Toei classic movies and the Nippon Animatin classic series. And we been touring our state in searching VHS of those works. beautiful season.

Thanks for the hours of entertainment you have given us. Thanks for all the work done. And share it with everyone !!!!!

10/08/14 @ 14:34
drmecha [Visitor]

Ahh. And thanks for all the hours, days and years that you dedicate to investigate this apasionant art.
I really know it’s a big sacrifice.
Thanks Ben. :)

10/08/14 @ 14:38
H Park
H Park [Visitor]  

It’s been 10 years already?

To me, your blog always has been the oasis for Japanese and independent animation appreciation.

One of these days, you need to write a book.

I can’t believe I’ve been following your blog for 7 years already…

10/09/14 @ 02:57
tim_drage [Member]

Wow, congrats!! Enjoyed reading and posting over the years, looking forward to many more :)

10/16/14 @ 07:27
Hyrule-enciclo [Visitor]

A little late on this, but I didn’t want to miss the chance to congratulate you for these 10 years keeping on one of the most astounding and complete blogs about japanimation one can find around.

This is truly a place of reference for any enthusiast on the matter and I hope we can enjoy it for even 10 more years. Thank you for all your hard work and for all the deep and interesting info you managed to gather. :)

10/23/14 @ 03:43
melchizedek [Member]

Stopping by to say congratulations and thank you as well. If I remember correctly, I discovered you by searching for more information on Shinya Ohira, after watching Wanwa several years ago. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I had seen his work earlier in places. The earliest being Hamaji’s Ressurection on VHS, when I was in highschool (which also marks the first time I’ve seen Yuasa). Still remains one of the most comprehensive places for information on Japanese animators, the industry, and the craft that I’ve ever seen. Here’s to many more years!

10/25/14 @ 23:33
fjordaan [Member]

I discovered your blog back in 2006 and have been a semi-regular reader ever since. Your blog has introduced me to a wealth of great anime and animators, both old and new. You also set the bar for intelligent criticism of the medium, possibly the only commentator who give animators their due, and not merely focusing on directors, stories and commercial impact. I’m mostly a lurker on the website, but I hope you keep it going for another 10 years. You’re in a league of your own.

10/30/14 @ 14:35
pete [Visitor]

Congratulations on your blog Ben. Not many are willing to share their mind and heart in such a way.

Even though you’ve been active in reviews and fansubbing prior to that, it is the blog that made the difference.

11/05/14 @ 08:44
jay_luo [Member]

Congrats Ben! i am new to the site but i have learn so much and i know i can learn much more here, thank you for all your hard work!

12/11/14 @ 18:47
Esteban [Visitor]

Happy birthday! And THANK YOU. (-:

12/30/14 @ 09:12
Noah [Visitor]

Congrats Ben,
This site has been a constant source of inspiration these many years. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you!

03/25/15 @ 09:40